Ghost Camera

An immersive sports watching experience JUNE 2014

The Ghost Camera allows you to see the game with an immersive experience as if you are part of the game, you can watch sports like boxing, basketball or football from any angle you want. To achieve this result, I have built a camera system that captures the sports event from multiple angles with depth information. The camera system reconstructs the event into a 3D animation in a virtual environment. With all the physical cameras placed outside the boundary of the game, you can watch the action by moving the Ghost Camera freely inside the boundary without any physical limitation. You can even see what the player is seeing.


Give your home a voice JANUARY 2014

Eddy is a smart sensing platform that gives consumers the ability to perceive important events around the home. Using pioneering wave-sensing technology, novel algorithms and machine learning, a single Eddy unit is able to detect multiple events, such as who’s in the home, if appliances are left running and even the opening and closing of windows and doors. Using this method, many events can be sensed by one solution – removing complexity, expense and adding customisation for the consumer.

Totem Pass

Biometric identity based on muscle memory MAY 2013

After a lot of exploration and experiments, I have found that our muscles stores a lot of information. This information can be used as our identity. Totem Pass is a lock that is encrypted with your muscle's memory. Someone's muscle memory can only be triggered under certain conditions and there is no way to replicate it as a finger print is. The lock will be unlocked by a combination of hand gesture and wrist movement. With Totem Pass, you will no longer need a key or a password.

Sneaker Designs

A few sneaker designs JUNE 2011

I have always been interested in shoe design, especially sneakers. Here are a few of the selected design exercise. I have been learning and collecting sneakers for over 10 years. From design to technology or from material to manufacturing, I know almost everything about them. Being able to work in Nike back in 2009 has always been a great experience to me.